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to be with the "in" crowd

you sacrifice your soul

18 May
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User Number: 2218832
Date Created:2-15-04
Number of Posts: 206

hey my names kristen and im all girl :) i love the boys and i love my puppy. i have red hair and green eyes. i live with my grandparents cas there cool enough for me. :) my best friend is jasmine
Strengths: good friend,smart ((kinda)) fashionable, friendly, good shopper,
Weaknesses: french vanilla coffee, boys,jeans,ae,af,aero,pac sun, just palin shopping,music, hott guys,tom
Special Skills: cosmotology
Weapons: curling iorns ha ha, shoes, coffee, hand bags, watter bottles, my singing .(( omg so many inside jokes there))
friends: jasmine alyssa stinili joanna frances chris kyle eric kim

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I never thought, I'd die alone
I laughed the loudest who'dve known?

Can I swallow this bottle whole?
So this brain in my head can forget your face

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me and stinili
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kisss kissss
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my loooooverzzz
abercrombie, adam brody, american eagle, ashly, being chinky, belts, blink 182, blue eyes, bob marley, bob the builder, boys, brand new, buddah, burn book, cafes, caffiene, cake, cameras, candy, care bears, carebears, chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pudding, christina, christina agulara, christmas, christmas lights, clubs, coffee, coffee colatas, cookies, cosmo girl, cosmotology, crappy punk rock, crossfade, curt cobain, cutting, dancing, dashboard confessional, dippin dots, dolphins, dorks, dr. pepper chapstick, dr.pepper, drawing, dreams, ducks, earings, earrings, eminem, emo, fairs, fast cars, fetch, field hockey, flowers, food, friends, gingerbread men, gloria jeans, going to the mall, gummy bears, gummy worms, guys, hats, hearts, heirress, hello kitty, hugs, iced coffee, icons, john, kelly clarckson, kelly clarckston, khols, kisses, kittys, kodak, laughing, lip gloss, loud music, louis vuitton, love, m&m's, making out, mary-kate, mean girls, men, money, monkeys, movies, music, olsen twins, one tree hill, pac sun, partying, passionet kisses, penut butter cookies, pepsi vanilla, photos, pictures, piercings, pink, pizza, polar bears, polka dots, pranks, preps, punks, puppys, purses, rain, razors, red starbursts, relient k, rubber ducks, shoes, shopping, shrek, simple plan, skittles, sleep, sleeping, smothies, snapple, snow, sparkles, spiderman, spongebob, stars, staying up super late, taking back sunday, talking, talking to my friends, tatoos, tbs, the all-american rejcts, thirteen, tom delonge, travis barker, true love, tyson ritter, usher, vanilla, wip cream, xtina, yellowcard