pumkin (bludytear) wrote,

.Ten bucks you'll be crawling into bed with me
putting your hands where they dont belong.
& ten bucks says you'll be putting your lips where they dont belong either.
but ten bucks says i wont say no.

♥ ♥

let's face it; we've changed. we've all
changed. somewhere between school ending
& school starting, we've all gone in our own
directions. hearts were broken; friendships
diminished, new loves started, & new people
came into our lives. we no longer spend all of
our time together in our circle of friends, & we
no longer talk for hours about nothing at all.
we`ve changed. some for the better, and some
for the worse.

♥ ♥

thats all for now im going to put in a new layout so check i out guys :)

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