pumkin (bludytear) wrote,

let's face it; we've changed. we've all
changed. somewhere between school ending
& school starting, we've all gone in our own
directions. hearts were broken; friendships
diminished, new loves started, & new people
came into our lives. we no longer spend all of
our time together in our circle of friends, & we
no longer talk for hours about nothing at all.
we`ve changed. some for the better, and some
for the worse.

wow that quote means alot this year. like seriously so much shit has happend this year. good things and bad.some for the better some for the worse. but my best firends have been there for me the WHOLE time! it has been amazing guys. this is truly a year i will not forgett..

jasmine holy shit man!!!! best firends forever and ever!!!! i was thinking about like my future and life the other day and this is how it turned out. i would finish high school and work in a salon for a year, with you as my £1 costomer. then i would go to college and we would be room mates. then i would open my own salon and you would do an editorial on it.then i would find a great guy and get married and you would be my maid of honor.and then i would get my first house and you would be there again to help me move in. and then when i had my first child you would be there for the birth and youll be the god mother.and when were old and gray best friends forever we will stay.(( ha ha i had to throw a little rhyme in there lol)) but in all seriousness. i seriously want you to be my best firend forever and ever. i never want us to grown apart. this year we had some amazing times. from being scooter girls. to you guys moving to NC. okay the last one sucked. but lets see. not seeing each other for 5 months and still being this close! thats amazing.like seriously. i just wanted to say i love you.

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